Emerge Marketing Launches New Website

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April 16, 2019

On behalf of the Emerge Marketing Solutions team, we invite you to visit our newly launched website! Although we don't have a physical location in DeWitt, our passion to revitalize rural Iowa came to fruition while living in your great community and being part of the efforts from the entire community to make DeWitt the best small community in Iowa! On our website you will find some familiar photos of scenes along Main Street and throughout the community as well as work we have done for Ag Spectrum, DeWitt Chamber & Development Company, Clinton County Fairgrounds, and the Frances Banta Waggoner Library.

For the past 2.5 years, I had been mulling over this website and even hesitated about putting myself out there for the world to see! But I finally did it (with the help of my AMAZING team of course). I know…you’re probably thinking, ‘Shelly…it’s JUST a website. There’s billions of them!’ Yes…that’s true, but now this is our identity. Emerge Marketing Solutions truly has an online identity that people can engage with. This will be one of the first places people go to check us out, and I want it to be GREAT!

For any of you who know me, I’m not shy. I’m proud of the work we do, and my team is phenomenal (both creatively and professionally).  But when it came to developing my own website and social media presence I struggled. (Any of you ever have that feeling?) I was comfortable in my own shell, doing the work we do.  We have been fortunate, as word of mouth has been so gracious to us. The majority of our prospective customers would have the chance to meet with me face-to-face before they could decide whether or not they wanted to work with us.  I was comfortable when I could take part in that initial conversation, make the first impression, or at least have a part in it.

I often talk to our Emerge clients about their businesses, their vision, and how their products/services are just what a particular market segment wants/needs. Then our Emerge Marketing team helps bring that vision to reality in the form of visual and creative content.  Most business owners are great at creating a dream or vision, but are not typically as comfortable with marketing, branding or communicating their story.

For me, though, I felt like it was the opposite.  Our team is great at marketing, branding and communicating our story. We have an incredible vision to revitalize rural Iowa in so many ways, and we truly believe in the services we offer to our customers.  However, what I struggled with was paring down that vision, communicating it succinctly, and designing/writing content that would be relevant and engaging while fully explaining what it isthat  we do. And that, my friends, is what we do EVERY DAY for our clients!  Who knew it could be so difficult!

We hope you enjoy perusing our site and following us on Facebook and Instagram. Check out our Portfolio page and read the story about how this incredible journey began. For those of you who are really interested, check out why I was inspired by a TURTLE of all things in the backyard of our DeWitt home!!

NOW is our time!  It is our turn to emerge from the comfort of our shell, explore new opportunities and see where this crazy world will take us.  I will enjoy the journey and thank God every day, knowing that all things happen in perfect and divine timing.

If you ever have any marketing, creative, or strategic business needs, we hope you will reach out to us. If nothing else, we LOVE hearing about new business ventures and new projects to revitalize rural Iowa from passionate community and organizational leaders.

Here’s to revitalizing rural Iowa one step at a time!

Shelly Greving, Owner
(641) 203-0581

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